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Trump SOTU

Can Democrats Restrict Trump’s Power To Launch Nukes?

“We should be concerned that he has the ability to launch nuclear weapons with literally no checks and balances,” says the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Ted Lieu. “One of the things you want to avoid is a fatal miscalculation.”
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

Trouble For Ted Cruz?

A new poll shows the Texas senator’s Democratic challenger pulling within single digits. Is it because he doesn’t take PAC money, and Cruz does?

Protests At Harvard And Yale? Here’s Why

Activists launched a week of campus protests, calling on the universities to withdraw their investments from hedge funds that hold Puerto Rican debt and have advocated austerity measures in the U.S. territory.

Senators Want To Force Convicted Banks To Help Insure Pensions

The Democrats’ bill comes weeks after the Department of Labor issued waivers to convicted banks, including one that owns at least $130 million of debt from President Trump, allowing them to manage funds in federally regulated retirement systems.