Prince Andrew left Prince Philip irritated many years ago for being “lazy and selfish.”

In the book “Prince Andrew: The War Hero from Buckingham Palace,” author Jessica Jayne said that even though Prince Andrew inherited his dad’s charm and looks, his playboy image badly hurt the royal family.

“His early life as a playboy image was hurting the image of the royal family, further worsened by the fact that the prince didn’t perform engagements as much as his family wanted him to,” Jayne said.

During the last week that Prince Andrew stayed with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at Holyroodhouse, the Duke of Edinburgh gave his son a dressing down for being lazy and selfish.

But shortly after leaving the navy, Prince Andrew visited St. Andrew’s Church in Clermiston, Edinburgh. The next day, he flew to Hampshire and visited a church, a hospital, and a school. He also opened an exhibition for the Royal Navy. However, Jayne said that all of these efforts were still not enough for Prince Philip.

“These weren’t sufficient enough for his father, who found out that Andrew had spent the rest of the week golfing on the nearby Bruntsfield Links. Philip was infuriated and gave his second son a tongue-lashing, in the presence of the Queen, that the servants heard. They recalled that Philip asked Andrew how many engagements he did that week, and the elderly prince continued ranting, telling his son that he should sort himself out and stop lounging. Andrew was visibly shaken,” the author said.

But despite this encounter, it was reported that Prince Andrew was still his parents’ favorite. Prince Philip and the Queen favored the dad of two over Prince Charles from the moment he was born. The royal couple was also very happy with the fact that Prince Andrew was extroverted, charming and mischievous. Prince Charles, on the other hand, was quiet and obedient.

When Her Majesty gave birth to Prince Andrew, she even wrote a letter to her cousin, Lady Mary Cambridge, saying, “The baby is adorable, and is very good, and putting on weight. Both the elder children are completely riveted by him, and all in all, he’s going to be terribly spoilt by all of us, I’m sure.”