Prince Charles went on a shopping spree during his trip to Africa, but he was unable to pay for the items he took.

Paul Withers, a journalist for Express, revealed that when Prince Charles visited Vanuatu earlier this year, he shopped for gifts to give to his grandchildren. In BBC’s documentary “Prince, Son, and Heir: Charles at 70,” the future king was seen walking on the capital of Port Villa on the South Pacific Island.

Prince Charles saw a large tweed handbag that he wanted to buy, but he first had to ask his staff is he was allowed to do so.

“Am I allowed to buy one or two of these? Can I buy that one?” he inquired.

A female member of Prince Charles’ entourage reached out to pick the handbag from the stall as the father of two walked away. The narrator of the documentary said that Prince Charles was unable to pay for the items he wanted to buy because he didn’t have the country’s currency.

“In the background, his protection officer and the private secretary had to leap into action on his behalf,” the narrator said.

A male member of Prince Charles team took out a banknote to pay for the handbags. While paying for the items, Prince Charles saw a tweed basket and wanted to buy it again.

“Can I buy one of these? I’m trying to help contribute to the local economy in Vanuatu,” Prince Charles said.

His male staff once again pulled out a banknote from an envelope to pay for the items. The owner of the store was more than ecstatic for Prince Charles’ purchase. She said that she also didn’t expect to shake the royal’s hand.

During his trip to the market, Prince Charles also spotted two wooden pigs that he purchased and gave to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.