Prince William and Prince Harry’s fashion has been dubbed as terrible and disgusting by fashion experts.

In the Netflix documentary “The Royals,” Zoe Griffin, the editor and founder of, talked about Prince Harry and Prince William’s style.

“Prince Harry loves his chinos, and he wears rugby tops. Does he ever wear anything smart? Any suits? Is there any Ozwald Boateng or some tailoring? No. What does William wear? Disgusting grey suits. These boys have the luxury of any designer on earth wanting to dress them and they always look completely terrible,” she said.

Neil Sean, a journalist, seconded Griffin’s comments. He said that even though Prince Harry has the best designers in the world, he still looks as though he goes to Primark on a fire sale day.

However, Katherine Ormerod, the senior fashion editor of Grazia magazine said that Prince Harry is an icon.

“In terms of the best dressed young royals, I think that Prince Harry is the one that always wins the plaudits. He’s featured in GQ’s best-dressed man awards. He always looks so well-to-do and well put together, but just that little bit more relaxed. Not quite so stiff, and I think that’s something that a lot of young – both men and women – are drawn to,” she said.

Three months ago, Business Insider noted how much Prince Harry’s fashion has changed in recent years. In his younger day, he was oftentimes photographed donning casual gear while playing sports in school.

The Duke of Sussex and Prince William have also worn matching clothes on multiple occasions. When they attended a charity polo match in June 2009, they were photographed wearing the same black collared shirt and white trousers. They have also worn similar suits during several evening events.

Prince Harry also appeared on an issue of GQ in September 2017. Royal author Robert Jobson called the Duke of Sussex’s style as classically royal.

“But like other members of the royal family, whether it is a formal banquet, in dress uniform or on an overseas trip, he knows how to cut a dash,” he wrote.