Generation Z
Gen Z makes up the largest percentage of the U.S.' population at 25.9% Marketo

Are you tired of the media's obsession with Millennials? Known by many names -- generation Y, iGeneration, Me Generation and Pesky Whippersnappers -- the 20-37 year olds have been the focus of innumerable think pieces, listicles and marketing meetings. But the reign of the Millennial may be over.

Introducing Generation Z.

Born after 1995, increasingly multiracial and speaking fluent emoji; Generation Z is already influencing marketing strategies. Based on new research, marketing blog Marketo, highlighted some key demographic and social differences between Gen Z and Millennials. Get to know Generation Z in the infographic below:

Marketo Gen Z Millenial Infographic Marketing
There has been no shortage of media attention focused on millennials, but new data is beginning to surface surrounding the next up-and-coming generation: Generation Z. Marketo