President Donald Trump has been accused of insulting Queen Elizabeth II prior to their tea time on Friday.

Anti-Trump protestors, who also consider themselves as non-royalists, took their thoughts to Twitter to note that the president made the Queen wait for 10 minutes during their first meeting. They also claimed that Trump shook the Queen’s hand instead of bowing in front of her. At one point, the president also turned his back on the Queen, and he left his suit open.

One Twitter user named Matthew McGregor wrote, “I’m not a monarchist by any stretch of the imagination but this is such an insult to Britain. Absolutely clueless, classless, thoughtless, lacking in any dignity and without a shred of respect.”

British journalist Janine Gibson tweeted, “Very few people are this oblivious to the Actual Queen.”

Ian Beck wrote, “Trump has also turned his back on the Queen. I have always believed this to be a mortal insult to a monarch.”

According to USA Today, the president was also late for his tea time with the Queen and Melania Trump. However, Victoria Arbiter, a royal etiquette expert, clarified that this wasn’t the case.

“For all those asking, no. Trump did not keep the Queen waiting. He was due at 5 p.m. and the motorcade drove into the Quadrangle at 4:59 p.m.,” she tweeted.

However, this still didn’t stop the Twitter users from pointing out Trump’s mistakes.

One of them wrote, “Not a royalist but didn’t like the Trump was late for the Queen and didn’t bow & walked in front of her. Shows how disrespectful to women he is if he is like that to the most famous woman in the world.”

However, Hugo Vickers, an author, and royal etiquette expert told TIME that Trump isn’t required to bow to Her Majesty.

“That wouldn’t be required from a head of state or the wife of a head of state. He would be wise not to attempt to kiss her, and I don’t expect for a moment that he will,” he said.