Prepare yourself now, “Reign” fans … because blood will spill as Season 1 of the hit new CW series winds down, and viewers should expect at least one of the series' main characters to die by the season's finale episode. Here are our predictions for “Reign’s” potential character death(s): 

For the past couple of weeks, most of the series' spoilers have mentioned something about upcoming “danger.” For “Reign” viewers, this shouldn't come as a big surprise. Between mad King Henry and the always-plotting Queen Catherine, it seems like Mary, Francis, Bash and the others are always in trouble. However, Mary’s Adelaide Kane recently revealed to E! News that the danger is a lot bigger than anyone might reasonably expect.

“There’s blood and guts and dying and fights and everything,” Kane said. “Our last couple of episodes have these amazing battles. There’s going to be returning heroes. There’s going to be a couple of deaths, it’s all going to happen. We have some really, really big stuff coming up.”

But who is going to die?

King Henry

All hands seem to point toward the crazy king. Things started going downhill for the leader of France after his steamy hookup with a woman, which took place against a window, resulted in the woman falling to her death. Shortly afterward, King Henry killed another woman, and he became reckless in his court. His latest evidence of craziness? Seeing the ghost of a young man.

Things will continue to spiral out of control in episode 18 when King Henry leaves Penelope in charge and Catherine and Kenna team up to rectify the situation.

Also, although Nostradamus ruled out poisoning, Henry’s condition is still a mystery … and it could potentially lead to his demise.


The real story of Francis is that he died at a young age shortly after he wed Mary. However, as we know, “Reign” diverges from historical events in its portrayal of the royal family on screen. At the beginning of the season, Nostradamus had a prophecy that Francis would die if he wed Mary, which led Mary to end her engagement to Francis and almost marry Bash. However, after Clarissa died, Nostradamus’ prophecy changed … temporarily. When it was revealed that Clarissa’s body had been moved, Nostradamus once again had a vision of Francis dying. The only catch was that this time, he kept that vision to himself.

In an E! News spoiler from early November, “Reign” executive producer Laurie McCarthy teased that King Henry’s “best gift he can give his son is his death.” However, Henry doesn’t want to give that “gift,” and Henry’s disdain for Francis will hurt their relationship … and potentially put Francis’ life in danger.

“Reign” airs on The CW on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EDT.

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