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Ashley covers U.S. politics for the International Business Times, with a focus on civil liberties, women's issues and campaign finance. Her work has also appeared in The Boston Globe and the Boston Business Journal.


Ryan Hill 12March2013

Paul Ryan's Budget Volley

Paul Ryan, the former GOP vice presidential candidate, has authored yet another budget, once again titled "The Path To Prosperity."
Capitol US rotunda 2

Is Washington Beyond Repair?

Fighting the partisan culture is key to restoring faith in the political process, says a commission associated with the Bipartisan Policy Center.


Residents look at a crocodile after it was caught in southern Philippines

Crocodile Snatches 10-Year-Old From Boat

Once again, the issue of rampant, unchecked development for the benefit of humans clashing with the shrinking natural habitat of the large reptiles has reared its ugly head.