Articles by David Herbert

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Antelope Axino Synergy Core Hands-on Review: A Mic of All Trades

A microphone that sets itself apart is the Axino Synergy Core from the Bulgaria-based tech company Antelope Audio, which comes with a microphone suite so powerful that, with one microphone, you can effectively model multiple microphones in different recording situations. Can the Axino really be the microphone that satisfies all the needs of a content maker? Let's dive in to find out.

Theodore Tailored Suit Hands-on Review: Cyber Tailoring is Here

When you have companies like Theodore who promises to vastly improve the whole tailoring experience by replacing the nominal tailoring process with the ease of a smartphone app. Can smartphone technology really replace the personal touch of an experienced tailor? Let's dive in to find out.

SPL Phonitor xe Headphone AMP/DAC Hands-on Review: Master Soundstage Maker

The SPL Phonitor xe is an example of how a product developed for the professionals can be a godsend to music purists. Originally meant for sound engineers to master music on headphones, it promises to deliver an amazing listening experience for music lovers. Just how good does music sound on it? Let's dive in to find out.

MoEa Sneakers Hands-on Review: Plant-based Retro Shoes of the Future

So far we have featured wool-based shoes from Portugal, hemp-based shoes from Italy, and today we are going hands-on with a pair of corn-based sneakers from France made by MoEa. How do these animal free sneakers fare compared to the traditional leather ones? Let's dive in to find out.

Sennheiser MKE 400 Mobile Kit Hands-on Review: Pro Sound for Smartphones

Since the pandemic hit, the increase in content creators as well as online conferencing attendants also meant an increase in the need for better cameras and microphones. Sennheiser's updated MKE 400 microphone release is a perfectly timed addition for those who are looking to improve their sound set up, either for video recording or for teleconferencing.

Spinnaker Hull California Chronograph Hands-on Review: Meca-Quartz Daily Watch

What if you wanted something accurate on your wrist, while still enjoying the perks of automatic watches? In comes the Meca-Quartz movement that's at the heart of the new Spinnaker Hull California Chronograph. What's it like wearing this watchmaker's latest creation for the last 30 days? Let's dive in to find out.

Zepp Z Smartwatch Hands-on Review: New Premium Smartwatch from Huami

Amazfit is going into its next phase of evolution, showcased in the first watch under its new branding Zepp: the Zepp Z. What does the future look like for the Chinese smartwatch maker? Let's take a glimpse by going hands-on with the latest from Huami - the parent company of Amazfit and Zepp.