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McCain Is No War Hero, Trump Says

"He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured," the U.S. presidential candidate says at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.
Chattanooga strong

Chattanooga Shooting Claims Fifth Victim

The governors of Louisiana and Oklahoma have authorized their states' National Guard units to arm themselves to protect military facilities in wake of the attack in Tennessee.

Chuck D Speaks Out On Bill Cosby

Rapper Chuck D took to Twitter to speak out about embattled comedian Bill Cosby and the rancor that has unfolded since testimony he gave in 2005 was unsealed.

Iran Nuclear Talks: 'No Deal Today'

Negotiators trying to reach a deal on Iran's nuclear program are working on a 100-page document, but President Hassan Rouhani says there are still obstacles.
Amanda Lindhout

Amanda Lindhout Speaks Out On Kidnapping

Amanda Lindhout described her thoughts after hearing that Ali Omar Ader, the man alleged to have kidnapped her, had been arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Marijuana grower

There's More To Pot Sales Than The Weed

Marijuana advocates crowed that legalization would wipe out weed's black market, but almost a year and a half into the experiment, that hasn’t been the case.