Articles by Elizabeth Whitman

Elizabeth Whitman is a reporter covering the business of healthcare. She previously spent two years reporting from Amman, Jordan and has written for Al Jazeera, The Nation, and The Atlantic, among other outlets. She speaks Arabic and some Mandarin.


America, Brought To You By ...

A proposal to allow corporate logos in the glorious but financially struggling U.S. national parks has erupted in controversy.
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Olympic Athletes Under The Microscope

What better way to unravel the risks and mysteries of the Zika virus than to study a large cohort traveling to Brazil, the epicenter of the disease?

The Zika Nightmare After The Olympic Dream

The fact that many athletes remain determined to go to the Olympics despite Zika is good news for Brazil — and the multibillion-dollar industry surrounding the games. But the real economic problems could come much later.
The advent of 3D bioprinting is changing some of the most basic concepts in medicine.

Your ‘Trachea’ Is Being Printed

Creating human body parts is the holy grail of 3D bioprinting. But even though that’s years away, the technology is already reshaping medicine.