Articles by Joel Warner

Joel Warner is a Denver, Colorado-based staff writer covering the marijuana industry. Previously he was a staff writer at Westword newspaper, and his work has also appeared in WIRED, Slate, Men's Health, Bloomberg Businessweek, Popular Science, Men's Journal, Grantland and elsewhere. He is co-author of the 2014 book The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny.

Marley Natural Cannabis

The Era Of Celebrity Marijuana

Bob Marley’s pot line launches on Saturday. Next up could be Jefferson Airplane-themed weed. Are these endorsements the future of marijuana marketing?

The Cannabis Boom Is Surging

Marijuana markets nationwide are growing. Some say that means legalization works, while others vehemently disagree.
Jake Browne Photo credit Zachary Armstrong

The Pro-Pot Bias Of Journalists

After cannabis has been at the center of decades of critical coverage, the media could be going too easy on marijuana now.
medical marijuana vendor

America May Have Hit Peak Weed

Recent developments suggest 2016 could be the year the marijuana legalization movement runs right into an immovable object: federal law.

The Dawn Of Marijuana Mediation

With cannabis illegal under federal law, all pot industry contracts could be unenforceable. But some see a way around that.

Fear And Loathing At The Gun Range

Americans are buying guns and frequenting shooting ranges more than ever before — and that's a major challenge for gun control advocates.
Marijuana Industry Expo

The Curse Of Corporate Cannabis

A failed Ohio marijuana initiative was so audacious in its corporate machinations that marijuana activists are concerned about "Big Pot."
California marijuana

This Is Your Democracy On Drugs

Activists have unveiled a well-funded, heavily endorsed pot legalization initiative. Will it be enough to unify California's fractured marijuana movement?
Mike Ray

Up In Smoke

California wildfires destroyed hundreds of marijuana farms this summer. As the fire season ends, marijuana growers are gauging the damage.
Buddie ResponsibleOhio

Putting The 'High' In Ohio

Ohioans will vote to legalize marijuana this November. Why do many cannabis activists say that's not a good thing?