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Black Friday 2011: Chaos Sweeps Nation on Retailers' Big Day

Black Friday 2011: Chaos Sweeps Nation on Retailers' Big Day

Alongside sales and long lines, some shoppers were greeted with violence as American consumers embarked on what is traditionally the year's largest shopping day. Shoppers pepper-sprayed one another in the battle for bargains, while at least one shopper was shot for her merchandise.
Conference attendees look over the new Blackberry PlayBook at the Research in Motion Blackberry developers conference in San Francisco

Blackberry Playbook Not Abandoned ... Yet

Research in Motion rebuffed speculation that it was following HP's footsteps in abandoning its poor performing Playbook tablet, but the move highlights its difficulties penetrating Apple's dominant market position.

Despite 10M Units, Galaxy S2 Still Lags iPhone

Consumer electronics giant Samsung said this weekend that its popular Galaxy S2 smartphone sold over 10 million units globally, making it the most-sold Android phone in the world, but it still has a ways to go before it catches up to Apple.

iPhone 5 Contender Galaxy S2 Hits 10M Units

Consumer electronics giant Samsung said on Sunday that its venerable Galaxy S2 smartphone reached 10 million units sold globally, making it the most sold Android phone and positioning it for a bout with Apple.


U.S. Economy

Some Economists Expect A Recession In 2020

A report released Monday by the National Association For Business Economics showed that 38% of professional economists say in a survey that a recession will hit the U.S. economy in 2020.

Glitzy French resort braces for G7 lockdown

Surfers must stay out of the Atlantic waves, tourists will have to keep away from gleaming beaches at the height of the summer season and locals risk being unable to access the city centre.A raft...