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10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $1000 In 2020

Gaming laptops are all the rage these days, especially that most of us spend our day locked down in our homes due to the menacing COVID-19 pandemic. But you don't have to spend loads of cash for you to get a decent gaming laptop because there are already a lot of affordable choices in the market today. Their prices might come cheap, but their quality is far from being one. In fact, budget gaming laptops today can even compete with the higher-end models in terms of processing speed, memory, and aesthetic appeal, without spending the extra dollars that'll put a hole in your pockets!Below are the best affordable gaming laptops under $1,000 you can get today.

8 Rubberized Macbook Air 2020 Cases You Need Right Now

A MacBook Air is an expensive investment. But it's totally worth it knowing that its quality, function, and aesthetic appeal are far above its competitors. It then makes sense to give it the best protection out there — a rubberized MacBook Air case. Not only are these effective in protecting your laptop from getting scratches, dents, or being damaged from falls and bumps, but it also gives it a more unique and personalized look that you can match to your own preferences. They're also grippier than other kinds of cases, and also won't leave those pesky fingerprint smudges! It's one good way to have a balance of secure functionality and design appeal.Want to get one? Below are some of the top-rated rubberized MacBook Air cases you can get.

18 Gift Ideas For PlayStation Gamers: PS4 Games, Accessories And More!

Sony might have unveiled the PlayStation 5. But that doesn't mean PS4 owners are outdated and out of the game! In fact, many are still hyped up into immersing themselves into this console. What better way to improve their gaming experience more than by gifting them the latest games, accessories, and whatnot! Not only will this give them loads of more fun and excitement, but it'll surely leave a long-lasting smile on their faces. After, all isn't that what we want for our loved ones? But which ones to get?We've handpicked some of the best gift ideas for PlayStation 4 gamers below...