Articles by Lawrence Haas

Hagel, Kerry, And The Combat Experience

If confirmed, Chuck Hagel and John Kerry will bring to their positions as Secretaries of Defense and State, respectively, an unusual on-the-ground perspective on war-making from their days in Vietnam.

For The United States, A Treacherous New Year

Happy New Year -- we should hope -- because 2013 could prove a defining one on a host of interrelated challenges in the Greater Middle East, with profound consequences for the United States and its allies.
Women Banned from Driving in Saudi Arabia

Empowering Arab Women

A country can’t maximize its socio-economic performance when half of its people can’t participate fully in its socio-economic life.
Ahmadinejad And Chavez

Iran’s Threat In America’s Backyard

The recent launch of talks between Iranian and Argentine officials over how to improve relations between their countries is troubling enough from a moral standpoint, but the strategic implications are even worse.
Pakistan Blasphemy

The Problem Of Pakistan

The troubling travails of Rimsha Masih, a Christian teenager who lives near Islamabad and is facing blasphemy charges for allegedly burning pages of the Koran to cook, reflects the growing intolerance toward religious minorities that amounts to what one expert calls a “gradual genocide” in Pakistan.
Putin And Obama

In Putin We Trust?

Our leaders do this from time to time -- convince themselves they can change the ways of an authoritarian ruler and, through a mix of logic, sweet talk, and carrots, convince him to do what we’d like.
4. Bergen-Belsen Nazi death camp, Germany

Jack, Ina, And The Lessons Of History

He and Ina have a story that's both charming and important. It speaks to the power of love, to the human instinct to survive in the midst of horror, to the role of fate in determining who lives and who dies.