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Malik Singleton covers manufacturing and other economic news. His previous roles were with City Limits,, Black Enterprise and He is an adjunct at CUNY's Grad School of Journalism and also runs journalism workshops for teens. He did undergrad at Morehouse and grad school at Pace.

Home Sale

June US Existing-Home Sales Dip

However, the National Association of Realtors says, despite June's results, home prices continue to advance at double-digit rates.
China Internet Cafe 2

China: 591 Million People Online

Among China's 1.35 billion people, approximately 591 million are Internet users, 464 million of whom are mobile Internet users.

June US Consumer Prices Jump 0.5%

However, the core rate, which excludes food and energy, rose just 0.2% - or well within the Federal Reserve's 'comfort zone' for inflation.

Look, Up In The Sky, It's A Blatant Political Message With A Cape

I don't want to be like one of the bullies in "Man of Steel," but I have a bone to pick with this work of fiction, mainly because it incorporates so many real and relevant issues ripped from the headlines. You've had a few weeks to see the film, so please pardon any spoilers. Maybe you've heard by now that the filmmakers updated the Superman story for modern times, not only by retiring his trademark red underwear and making sure we recognize familiar items during opportune moments of product placement ($160 million worth), but also by offering two bits of very contemporary political commentary -- one so subtle you'll need X-ray vision, the other more powerful than a locomotive.