Articles by Oriana Schwindt

Oriana Schwindt covers the business of television for the Media, Tech, and Culture team. She has been plotting her House of Cards-style ascension to Ruler of All Television since she was 13, and she has yet to meet a low-rated TV show she didn't like.


The Viacom Saga Continues

Philippe Dauman is fighting his sudden removal by chairman emeritus Sumner Redstone from the trust that would control most of Viacom’s shares, but it might not be enough.

The Message Is Inside The Medium

As advertisers look for fast-forward-proof commercials, TV producers — such as those at Fox’s “Empire” — are increasingly becoming ad creatives themselves.

Live TV Via YouTube? Not So Fast

After years of saying the future is video on demand, online video companies are clamoring to add live packages to their offerings.