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Baabuk Sky Wooler Sneakers (Hands-on) Review: Looking Productive While Working Comfortably

At a quick glance, the Sky Wooler looks like sneakers, mainly because of the white Converse Chuck-Taylor-esque soles, but the felted wool gives it a 'knitted wear' look that it passes as some sort of casual boots. The pair I have is the 'Jeans' color scheme, and the shades of blue keep enough seriousness that they look right at home with some Polo khaki slacks.

Wacom One (Hands-on) Review: No Prior Experience Needed

Being the veteran stylus company that has been making tablets since 1984, all that experience has culminated to the Wacom One, a product that is not only a device for hardcore graphic artists, but seems consumer friendly enough for business people who are looking to dabble with digital pen input.

Top 3 Crowdfunded Automatic Watches in 2020: CIGA, TRIWA and LIV

Niche watchmakers are producing affordable, high quality timepieces that circumvents the typically expensive costs that are involved with major watch brands. This allows consumers to get their hands on timepieces at more affordable prices, while still getting 'luxury' level craftsmanship.

Powerbank Review: HyperJuice can Power a Laptop for 3 Days

The HyperJuice Battery Pack is the first powerbank that I felt brings the next level evolution that I'm looking for. Though outwardly it is not that much different from Xiaomi's first powerbanks, it has next level capability with up to 100W worth of output - almost twice as much as a standard 65W laptop charger.

Nomatic Watch Review: A Swiss Movement Traveler's Watch

Most well known for the Nomatic Backpack, this is a company that prides itself in innovation and multi-functional designs that suits all situations. So when I heard of its watch, I wondered if it will be a Swiss Army Knife of a watch with some sort of range of different ground breaking functions.

Asus ZenBook 14 Review: 3 Months Later

When I started trying out the Asus ZenBook 14, what really stood out was the secondary screen that's embedded in the touchpad, but I wondered what would remain as outstanding features on this laptop.

Top 3 Wet and Dry Travel Shavers in 2020: Philips, Braun and Remington

Shavers are a gadget all business men need when travelling away from home. While many may be content with a throw away razor, I've gone ahead and tried three electric shavers from the three top shaver manufacturers that have managed to make the unexciting task of shaving electrifying.

Jabra Earbuds Review: The 2020 Flagship TWS Jabra Elite 75t

Having tested a couple of Jabra headphones, to say that I'm excited to see what Jabra comes up with next would be an understatement. Jabra has consistently put out headphones with great performance, and I was very keen to see what they come up with next.

A Minimalistic Traveler's Watch - Simpl Reverse Watch Review

On my quest to find the best watch for travelling businessmen, Thailand is probably the last place I'd check. But after seeing an ad of the Simpl watch caught my eye on a flight magazine, I was ready to hop down this unusual rabbit hole to see what the minds of Thai watch designers have come up with.

Travel SIM cards USA Review: Voyage like a King with these Travel SIM Providers

Remaining connected while being a frequent business flyer is one of the most essential yet unsettling tasks. If you rely on WIFI, you never know whether the next airport or caf? will have a stable open WIFI connection; and if you rely on roaming from your regular service provider, there is always a uncertainty of how hard that end of the month bill will hit. This is why Travel SIM cards are relevant: they offer the stability of a local network, plus they are a one-off payment that covers a certain amount of use, both made known clearly with certainty.

SpyFinder Pro Review: Spying out Spy Cameras

Just search for 'hidden cameras' on Amazon and you will immediately find a market segment that you might not have given much thought about. But it's a real modern day problem; cameras can now be embedded in everything from mobile chargers, wall outlets, cloths hooks, alarm clocks and even light bulbs.