Articles by Thomas Halleck

Thomas Halleck is a technology reporter for the International Business Times, covering Google, wearables, product reviews, gadget news and more.

Motivated to become a reporter by the title character in Gregory Mcdonald's "Fletch" series and a love for the written word, he previously wrote for the Lockport Union Sun & Journal and wrote and edited The Spectrum, the student newspaper at the University at Buffalo.

On the lookout for technology capable of improving our lives, he may have suggested at some point that you purchase the Product Replacement Plan with your new gadget.

apple tv streaming service

Apple Readying Streaming TV Service

Apple is “in talks” with networks like ABC, CBS and Fox to launch a TV bundle service consisting of about 25 channels sometime this fall.
Twitter logo as background to American flag

Twitter Bans Revenge Porn

Offenders who continue to post revenge porn or dox other Twitter users will have their accounts locked until they delete the offending posts.