Retired NBA star Dwyane Wade is enjoying life after basketball and he does have options. Mentoring is one thing but there is a chance the former Miami Heat star could invest in co-owning a team. If so, it would not be surprising since this is something NBA greats like Michael Jordan have gotten themselves into.

The difference in the case of Wade is that he could end up co-owning a team in a different sport. In the debut episode of GQ Sports’ “One on One,” the 37-year-old and Rick Ross touched on several topics. One of them was possibly co-owning an NFL team.

“Let’s say the opportunity presented itself,” Ross said to Wade, “and we had the opportunity to buy ourselves an NFL team. Is that something we move forward on, or don’t?”

“I move forward on it,” Wade said. “I move forward on it. 100 percent”

It is possible that both were just toying with the idea. But given that Wade can do anything he wants and put his money on a good investment, it is highly plausible. The better question is why not co-own an NBA team?

For now, it may be best to take this as a grain of salt even if Wade and Ross seem to have something up their sleeve. And even if they were serious, no actual NFL team was mentioned. The closest that comes to mind is the Miami Dolphins. This is assuming that this is the team they are targeting.

In terms of finances, both are likely aware that they would need to shell out roughly $1 billion to make it happen. Even if both had the money to spare, it is an investment that needs careful deliberation. The last thing either would want to do is throw away quite a huge sum.

As far as Wade is concerned, he is busy keeping himself in shape. In a previous post, he cleared the air and said that he has no plans of making a comeback. Some mistook the comments he made recently to the Los Angeles Times. This was the part about him staying in shape and saying "You never know. Never say never."

He eventually put a lid on it on social media. Wade says he is retired and he will only be seen working out and teaching just to stay in shape.