Collar is a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize the pet industry by bridging the gap between pet owners and pet businesses. It serves as a powerful platform for pet businesses while offering a convenient and user-friendly experience for pet owners.

Revolutionary Platform set to Reshape the Future
Revolutionary Platform set to Reshape the Future of Petcare Pixabay

For Pet businesses, Collar provides a suite of features to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement. This includes appointment booking, scheduling, comprehensive pet management, payment and analytics.

For pet owners, Collar offers a modern and user-friendly way to search, book and pay for pet services and products. The app also allows pet owners to manage their pets profiles including vaccination records, service reports, treatment schedules and preferences.

Collar was co-founded by Wassim Dardari and Ahmad Alhasan. With their extensive expertise in designing and building digital products for esteemed organisations across the globe, they bring an unparalleled level of experience to the industry. They designed the platform with the goal of transforming the pet industry which Dardari describes as lagging far behind other industries on the digital timeline.

"There is immense potential within digitizing and modernizing the pet industry. Our vision goes beyond merely bridging the gap between pet owners and businesses—it is just the beginning. We are building a strong and scalable foundation of cutting-edge platforms that will empower both pet owners and businesses, revolutionizing their interactions and experiences"

Launched in June 2021, Collar boasts an impressive count of 50 thousand registered pets and more than 200 thousand transactions a month. A figure that continues to surge day by day as more businesses recognize the value of migrating their operations to the platform.

Collar's next focus is the European and Gulf markets, followed by Asia and North America. The company's commitment to addressing complex problems that impact our beloved pets, positions Collar firmly on the radar of visionary pet businesses and investors who are eager to play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of the pet industry.