At the VMA Awards, there seemed to be tension between Rihanna, rapper Nicki Minaj, and Minaj's Young Money Entertainment label mate Drake.

Drake and Rihanna are rumored to have had a brief fling before going their separate ways earlier this year. "I think we have a connection that's established for life ... I love and support her unconditionally and I like to think she feels the same way," Drake recently said about his relationship with the "Rude Boy" beauty in a radio interview this summer. 

But Rihanna may not feel the same way.

Drake was announced as winner for Best Hip-Hop Video, a category his rival and Rihanna's ex-lover, Chris Brown, was also in. Sitting a few seats away from the Young Money members, Rihanna did not applaud Drake, and she allegedly said to her friend, "'I hate these [expletive]," as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and the rest of the crew walked onto the stage, according to the Daily Mail. She also refused to make eye contact with the "No Lie" singer, though they recently worked together on the hit single, "Take Care."

On the other hand, Rihanna had no problem showing Chris Brown affection. After she won the coveted award for Video of the Year, she and Brown kissed on the lips and embraced, even though Brown has a longtime girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran. Brown then held on to Rihanna's waist as she spoke to rapper Akon. Rihanna later patted Brown on the head and smiled as she returned to her seat.

The two dated for two years before the relationship ended violently, when Brown attacked Rihanna while driving, in 2009. She has since forgiven him, calling him the "love of her life" in an interview with talk show host Oprah.

And Drake was not the only one Rihanna allegedly has issues with at the VMA Awards show. When Minaj won the Moon Man Award, Trishelle Cannatella from reality show "The Real World" tweeted, "Omg #VMAs inside scoop. Nicki Minaj just told Rihanna to 'sit the f**k down' when she tried to hug her!!! Love it!!!" While it is unclear why Rihanna and Minaj would dislike each other, a possible reason Rihanna did not seem pleased to see Drake is the fact that both he and Brown were involved in a New York City bar fight. The fight was speculated to be over the 24-year-old Barbadian singer. Both male artists are now being sued $16 million by the club.

Comedian host Kevin Hart tried to ease the tension at the show, saying, "Drake is from Canada. Drake loves to recycle. Drake thought that there was a recycle bin in Chris' section. He threw the bottle. Chris didn't see it, because he was dancing. When he whipped his head up, he got hit with the bottle. Drake was like, 'My bad, the bin!' Chris was like, 'You called me a [expletive]' And Drake was like, 'No! The bin!' That fight was over a mistake!"

It did not seem like the tension between the male artists was eased after Hart's joke. When Drake went up for his award, Brown, who was also seated in the front row, did not look happy to see him, and neither of them made eye contact.