Robert Pattinson recently made a very private fact known about what he did on set to get ready for a sex scene. The “Twilight” actor masturbated before he filmed the scene, he told the Germany issues of September 2013 Interview, according to The Stir.

It was for the movie “Little Ashes,” which happened about five years ago, and the British actor said he was so embarrassed that he was practically ready to quit acting for good.

No doubt that filming a sex scene has to be awkward for movie stars: it’s forced chemistry in front of a bunch of people under a spotlight and most likely several different cameras. But it’s unlikely that a majority of them chock the chicken before the direction yells, “Action!,” unless you’re RPatz of course.

"I once decided to quit acting; it was when I did ‘Little Ashes,’" he said. "I played Salvador Dali and had to do a lot of scenes where I was naked, and I also had to masturbate. I mean really.”

But then Pattinson, who at the time was 21-22, explained why he didn’t give up on the profession that made him famous. “A couple of days later, I was given the offer to do Twilight.”

Why would he ever do such a thing, though? It’s definitely not necessary to pleasure oneself before a sex scene. But RPatz is all about things being as real as possible. “Just doesn’t work .... so I pleasured myself in front of the camera,” he told Interview. “My orgasm face is recorded for eternity.”

He’s not the only one to get extremely real during an intimate moment on camera. According to Hollywood Life, Shia LaBeouf literally had sex on screen in "Nymphomania," Chloe Sevingy supposedly performed oral sex on Vincent Gallo in "The Brown Bunny," and it’s been reported that Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen might also have done the dirty while the cameras were rolling.

Think Pattinson dished enough? Not yet just yet. The A-list celeb went on to add, "The Dali production was the worst, it was mortifying. .... We were all hanging out by the pool, trying to loosen up. I was nervously clinging to the edge -- and before I could turn around, the Spaniard was already naked."

"He happily swam towards me," Rob continued about the gay sex scene. "And I didn't have a clue how to react. I felt like Mr. Bean."

Twi-hards, who are also known as hardcore “Twilight” fans, most likely would say that Pattinson didn’t seem awkward during his intimate scenes with Kristen Stewart, so his practice during “Little Ashes” seems to have helped him in future movies.

Check out Pattinson’s “Little Ashes” performance below: