Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus twerking during the 2013 MTV VMAs Reuters

While the hot topic for watercooler chit-chat right now is Miley Cyrus, Oprah Winfrey is trying to shift focus to the other party involved in the infamous VMA twerk-a-thon, Robin Thicke. If anyone recalls, in 2003, Madonna had an on-stage makeout session with both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the VMAs, sending shockwaves through the world. But everyone seemed to forget that Christina Aguilera was even there, because all the buzz was about Britney and Madonna. The same phenomenon seems to be taking place with Thicke and Cyrus.

Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke perform "Blurred Lines" during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York Sunday. Reuters

In an upcoming episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, the R&B singer sits down to discuss his summer hit “Blurred Lines”, his marriage to actress Paula Patton and his role in the VMA performance with Miley Cyrus.

The “Blurred Lines” singer told Oprah, “People ask me if I twerk, and I’m like, I’m the twerkee. I don’t twerk. I’m just twerked upon.” The 36-year-old star then goes on to say, “This is funny to me, it’s silly,” referring to the backlash the pair got after the performance.

According to Us Weekly, Winfrey asks, “You don’t think of it as sexual?” Thicke replies, “Well, I was onstage, so I didn’t see it. So to me, I’m walking out toward Miley, I’m not thinking sex, I’m thinking fun … I’m singing my butt off. I’m singing and I’m looking at the sky and I’m singing and I’m not really paying attention to all that. That’s on her.”

The sexed-up performance, foam finger included, created a media frenzy, with news outlets getting reaction from Thicke’s wife, Paula Patton, and Cyrus’ ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. The frenzy kept going for days, fueled by cheating rumors and nude photos.

Robin Thicke’s sit-down with Oprah will be the first time he will address everything from the aforementioned rumors to the details of the VMA performance. Although he claims that Miley is mostly to blame, there may be more to the story.

Tune in to "Oprah’s Next Chapter" for the episode with Robin Thicke on Oct. 13 at 9/8 c.