With a body so fit, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson is a global fitness icon. Now who wouldn’t want a body like his? While he may make it seem easy, don’t be fooled, as such a fit body doesn't happen overnight. But the good news is, you can achieve it too! We're sharing with you what you need to know about his workout routine to give you a peek into his fitness secrets. 

Trying to reach any goal is not a linear process. But with a plan -- and staying committed to it, you can get your desired results in a shorter amount of time. The Rock is no stranger to this prerequisite and his fantastic results came from The Rock Workout Routine.

Depending on the role he’s preparing for, the intensity of his workouts changes. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that no matter what the occasion is, his workouts are always pretty intense. He starts his day with a 30- to 50-minute cardio workout and a breakfast that’s heavy on protein, an important part of The Rock’s diet. 

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Once he’s done with his workout routine, the hard work begins. He’s off to the gym to do serious work -- heavy lifting. However, as he has an inherently massive build, be reminded that there’s nothing wrong with tweaking things a bit to fit your personal needs. Generally, he works out 6 days a week, working on different muscle groups each day. 

Day 1: The Rock Leg Workout

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The Rock’s leg day mostly consists of barbell walking lunges, leg press, leg extensions, a combination of squats like the hack squat and barbell squats. He ends his leg day with 4 sets of 10 Romanian deadlifts, seated leg curls and thigh abductors. He does mostly 3 to 4 sets each with 10 to 12 reps on heavier moves and 20 to 25 reps on lighter ones.

Day 2: The Rock Back Workout

His back routine comprises of pull-ups, back hyperextensions, inverted rows, barbell deadlifts, bent-over barbell rows, one-arm dumbbell rows and wide-grip lat pulldowns. The back muscles comprise the largest muscle group in the upper body. It might need some help in building it to become as strong as possible. 

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Day 3: The Rock Shoulders Workout

Dwayne’s shoulder routine is mostly workouts that run for 4 sets with 12 to 15 reps each. Some of his go-to workouts include the dumbbell shoulder press, standing military press, front dumbbell raise, side lateral raise, reverse machine flys and seated bent-over rear delt raise. 

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Day 4: The Rock Arms/Abs Workout

The Rock likes to throw in ab and arm workouts on the same day. Some of his favorites include bicep curls, hammer curls, spider curls, triceps pushdown, overhead triceps, hanging leg raise, rope crunches and Russian twists. Like his workout routine for Day 4, we recommend trying out Supplement Stacks, which is basically a way to stack up different supplements based on your own goals and needs which is more cost-efficient compared to getting supplements that have stuff you don’t necessarily need.

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Day 5: The Rock Leg Workout

This is essentially just a duplicate of Day 1. He follows the same routine. 

Day 6: The Rock Chest Workout

He always ends his week with a bang. To work on his chest, he likes to do a couple of barbell bench press, incline dumbbell press, dumbbell bench press, flat bench cable flys, incline hammer curls and a chest version of the dips. 

Day 7: The Rock Rests

For Day 7, The Rock rests. Rest days are very important. This is the time when the muscles can recover and in turn, become stronger so you can level up your workout as time progresses. 

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