Sadly, the day has come and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will have run out of new Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas premieres after tonight’s “Rocky Mountain Christmas.” Don’t start talking about how it’s been a good run, with 14 new films total, just yet, though. Save that for after you watch the final premiere, which stars Kristoffer Polaha and Lindy Booth.

These leads are a perfect match for the movie as they have matching Hallmark family credentials. They’ve both been in one Hallmark Channel and one Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film prior to this new one. Polaha was in “Dater’s Handbook” with Meghan Markle in 2016 on Hallmark Channel and then in “Hearts of Christmas” with Emilie Allerup on the sister network later that same year. Booth joined the Hallmark lineup in 2011 with “Christmas Magic” and then followed it up in 2016 with “Sound of Christmas.”

Now, the two are starring as Sarah (Booth) and Graham (Polaha) in “Rocky Mountain Christmas.”

“Evil stepmothers don’t only lurk in castles, tormenting helpless children,” the synopsis starts out. “Sometimes, they’re on ranches, tormenting adults. A year after her father died in a fire at their Oregon ranch — a fire accidentally caused by her stepmother — Sarah has finally found her footing, turning the family homestead into a successful dude ranch.”

Rocky mountain christmas cast Kristoffer Polaha and Lindy Booth star as Graham and Sarah in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Rocky Mountain Christmas.” Photo: Crown Media

Even so, the stepmother is still trying to take over the ranch and have it all for herself, with its monetary value being the only thing she cares about. Meanwhile, Graham, a Hollywood actor, is scouting the ranch as the filming location for his next movie, though Sarah isn’t so sure about allowing a movie to be made on her property.

“During a long horseback ride through the moonlit mountains, Graham explains why this project is so dear to him,” the synopsis continues. “That and a soulful kiss make Sarah relent. But all does not run smoothly once the movie starts. Graham and his co-star had been involved; Sarah has fallen hard for the handsome star.”

Business and pleasure might not always mix, but it seems like Sarah and Graham are trying to make it work for them. She doesn’t allow her jealousy to affect her work and even finds a way to not only be civil to Graham’s co-star, but to go out of her way to be helpful to her, as well. But can Graham and Sarah find a way to make it through the whole movie production process with their new relationship still intact?

Find out when “Rocky Mountain Christmas” premieres tonight (Dec. 22) on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 9 p.m. EST.