Ronald Hetzel, 41, is in a Las Vegas jail for an attempted murder after having broken into his neighbor's home. However this man's choice of weapons is certainly unique. Police say he chose to attack his victim first with a wooden guitar and then with a porcelain toilet bowl lid, reported

The Las Vegas Sun reported that the victim attacked with the toilet bowl lid and a wooden guitar was left with many bruises on his body. He is being treated at St. Rose Dominican Hospital's Siena Campus.

Police said they responded to a complaint about a man throwing objects out of home and found Hetzel sitting on the curb when they arrived at the scene. Police said Ronald Hetzel was shirtless, hostile and displaying "symptoms of excited delirium."

Officers said they tried to calm Hetzel down, but he tried to jump a back fence into another neighbor's yard and broke a window and tried to enter that neighbor's house.

An officer with a dog caught him, and Hetzel was charged with home invasion, burglary, attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and battery with a substantial harm.