The season finale of the E! scripted series “The Royals” will air Sunday, but where do things stand now? The fictional British royal family is still in turmoil after numerous conflicts and scandals. King Simon’s medical condition remains critical after getting stabbed in the street while the rest of the family fears for their own safety. Here’s what to expect in the season finale: [Spoiler Alert!]

E! Online has released the official trailer for the final episode. Princess Eleanor is seen in an alley where she appears to have gone to meet Brandon Boone. In the previous episode, Boone introduced himself to her as the man who murdered her older brother, Prince Robert. One would think that she should have been running in the other direction as fast as she can but something will motivate Eleanor to see Boone again.

After having been told by Queen Helena that her brother committed suicide, Eleanor is desperate for answers. When Boone told her that he was murdered, she would need to investigate. After all, the answers may lead her to figure out why her father was attacked.

Another big surprise in the trailer is the presence of Eleanor’s former bodyguard Jasper. It appears that he will accompany her in the rendezvous with Boone despite that fact that he should be in jail. Eleanor had previously gotten him arrested when she found out that he had slept with the queen. She questioned what his real intentions were for working with the family and she even suspected he might have had something to do with the attack on the king.

Back in Buckingham Palace, King Simon is being monitored by Prince Regent Cyrus and Queen Helena. It is still unclear if they are concerned about his health at all or only his ability to ruin their plans if he manages to recover.

The video shows the tagline “Every reign must end.” The question is, which reign? Does this put King Simon’s fate in jeopardy? Queen Helena speaks about burning something to the ground and it remains to be seen who she is going up against this time.

Will Eleanor learn the truth about Robert’s death? Will Liam fight for his right to the throne? More importantly, will King Simon recover? The monarchy hangs in peril and it’s up to its members to get everything back together. The season finale of “The Royals” will air at 10 p.m. Sunday, May 17, on E!

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