More details about the Samsung Galaxy S10 series have trickled in this week, causing the expectations for the flagship Android handsets to rise. 

The latest information about the Galaxy S10 lineup comes from notable Twitter leaker Evan Blass, who shared renders of three devices — allegedly the three variants of the S10 — on the social networking platform this Saturday. 

Apart from showing off the possible appearance of the handsets, the renders also reveal the sizes of the smartphones’ screens. The S10 Lite, the smallest out of the three, is said to have a 5.8-inch display. The flagship model, aptly called Galaxy S10, has a 6.1-inch display. On the other hand, the S10 Plus is believed to sport a 6.4-inch screen. 

It’s also worth noting that the renders for the three Galaxy S10 models also include the rumored display cutouts for the front-facing cameras. Just like what previous reports claimed, the S10 Lite and S10 are both shown to have single cutouts. Meanwhile, the S10 Plus model has two cutouts to accommodate the rumored dual-lens selfie shooter. 

In a follow-up, Blass pointed out that the new renders are not in line with the ones presented at Samsung’s Developer Conference last month. The new renders have the cutouts at the top center of the screen. The previous ones had them on one side. Despite the inconsistency, it’s still pretty clear that Samsung is moving forward with pinhole cutouts instead of traditional notches. 

Meanwhile, another feature that’s very likely to launch with the Galaxy S10 smartphones is the in-display fingerprint reader. Huawei and OnePlus have already launched devices with this type of technology, and Samsung does not want to fall behind. 

According to TechRadar, both the Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus are debuting with this feature. The S10 Lite, which is expected to be the most affordable out of the three, won’t come with an in-display fingerprint sensor to keep costs down. 

Samsung is also believed to be upping the ante by equipping its Galaxy S10 devices with more rear cameras. The exact configurations for the three are not known yet. However, the Wall Street Journal claims that there will be another variant that’s joining the lineup, and this could be the top-tier model for next year. 

The business-focused news outlet learned from sources that the rumored top-tier variant is going to have six camera lenses all in all. Two lenses are said to be located in front, while four others are going to work together at the back. This model of the S10 is also said to feature a 6.7-inch screen and 5G support

With the recent unveiling of Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship SoC, called the Snapdragon 855, it is to be expected that all Galaxy S10 models would have this chipset. The inclusion of this processor would open doors to more advanced software features and technologies for Samsung’s upcoming flagship series. 

Other specs and features of the Galaxy S10 models haven’t been leaked thus far. It’s also important to note that nothing’s been set in stone unless Samsung confirms it. However, it looks like fans would be getting answers sooner than later because Samsung is aiming to introduce the new Galaxy S series at the CES trade show in January and release them shortly after.