The screen monitors of your PCs and laptops are key elements to your performance each day, whether for work or for play. Is there a computer monitor versatile enough to suit your every need?

The delicate balance of brightness, contrast, the right palate of colours, symmetry of lines, whether you are a movie critique and blogger, a photographer, filmmaker, a student, a business executive, a forex analyst, or a teacher, the proper tilt and view of your screen monitor has been more vital to your final output as any other.

These varying needs had been well-considered by the makers of Samsung Electronics America Inc, who remain unwavering in seeking perfection for each of their product lines.

After their release of the Series 7 Monitors, Samsung's Series 9 Monitors are now available in the U.S. market. So far it has met and even surpassed expectations of key users in this technology-driven society.

A Photographer's Best Solution

The founder of photo-blog,, Marsha Mifsud knows what she wants as she does not settle for anything less than the accurateness and vividness of the colours preferred by her clients.

Marsha tells tech consultant Adria Richards that Samsung Series 9 is the solution to the dullness that other monitors produce showing her work.

All the colours count, the series 9 does not disappoint, notes Marsha.

Adria, agrees that the Samsung Series 9 has a unique ergonomic design that even tilts and glides the 27-inch 2560 x 1440 LED display. It has its own calibration engine that adjusts the colours and the high quality projections that are far superior to others.

These are just some aspects of Series 9 Monitor's many versatilities.

The new Samsung Series 9 also comes complete with DVI, HDMI, twin USB ports, along with support for MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connectivity with various portable devices.

A Filmmaker's Dream Screen

For blogger Aaron Baker, the editor-in-chief of mobile blog,, the monitor of his PC must be versatile to help him in his tasks and could easily adjust to his needs.

His ultimate dream of viewing a film from all angles without further distortions had been answered by the Samsung Monitor 9.
“The Samsung Series 9 Monitor is really for your ultimate movie viewing experience,” shares movie blog  founder Marya Gates. “For a movie fanatic that I am, the screen display is as important as your DVD collection. With the Samsung Series 9, the black and whites are crisp and the colours are brilliant.”