If you fancy yourself a Tony Montana, or if you just enjoy the luxury life in Santa Barbara, California, the mansion made famous in the movie “Scarface” is for sale.

Spanning 10 acres of land in southern California, “El Fureidis” or “Tropical Paradise,” the Roman-style stucco home has four bedrooms, nine bathrooms and several Persian gardens, reflecting pools and terraces. “El Fureidis” also has domed ceilings hand painted with 24k gold-leaf and underwent a multi-million dollar renovation recently, preserving the historic elements but remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen for modern living.

The listing on Village Properties also boasts a rich history, with famous tenants and visitors like Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Charles Chaplin, and John F. Kennedy. The mansion is also infamous for being in “Scarface,” the 1983 gangster film starring Al Pacino.

While all that luxury comes with a hefty price tag--$35 million to be exact, its real estate agent believes it won’t stay on the market for long.

“I do believe El Fureidis will sell quickly, as compared with other homes in this segment of the market,” Village Properties agent Emily Kellenberger McBride told the International Business Times. “There is nothing else like El Fureidis. The property is in pristine condition, it has incredible history and provenance, and we have put together an extensive marketing program for the sale of the estate.”

Tour inside the “Scarface” mansion below and, if you have an extra $35 million lying around, contact the real estate agent for property inquiries. 

'Scarface' Mansion for Sale