Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have more security than ever before. The couple are said to be taking extra precautions after the arrests of three men who were allegedly threatening the couple.

“Harry and Meghan’s security is always top-notch. But after this, they have increased security measures more than ever,” a source told Radar Online.

According to Metro News, three men were arrested for allegedly being part of a Neo-Nazi group encouraging others online to target Prince Harry for marrying Meghan, who is biracial. An image reportedly shared among the men online showed a gun pointed at Prince Harry’s head with the words, “See ya later, race traitor.”

After the incident, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reconsidering their plans for the next few months. Meghan is expected to give birth to the next royal baby in the spring. While previous reports suggested she’d work for as long as possible, threats against her and Prince Harry’s safety may have changed that plan.

“As Meghan’s pregnancy progresses, she and Harry are going to be seen in public less and less. They are not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of their family,” the insider added.

Meghan has prepared for the worst, though. Before marrying Prince Harry, the former “Suits” actress went through an intense two-day training with the Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British Army. She reportedly knows how to handle kidnappers and what to do if her bodyguard gets shot.

Meghan and Harry could be worried about more than one baby. As previously reported, many suspect the California native is pregnant with twins. However, Kensington Palace has not confirmed anything about her pregnancy yet.