Sharkeisha, the girl who sucker punched an unsuspecting victim and became an Internet sensation, has apparently identified herself on social media. The star from the Instagram fight video said police are knocking on her door and that she is reportedly being blamed for someone’s suicide.

[The violent NSFW video can be viewed here]

It hasn’t been verified if Twitterati @LilButtSHAR is definitely the fighter from the video, but the user is leading Twitter to believe that it's her true identity. The user describes herself on her mini-blog account as someone who doesn’t “take ahit from nobody!!!!” @LilButtSHAR is porportedly from the class of 2019, which would only make her 12 or 13, and as of Wednesday night she had more than 20,000 followers.

Earlier in the day, the user who claims to be the Sharkeisha, was bragging about the video and seemed to be basking in her 15 minutes of fame on the mini-blog. She interacted with some of her new followers by asking where they were from, wondering if she was anyone’s “woman crush Wednesday” and even sharing memes that other users had created after they saw the viral fighting video.

But her joy didn’t last for long. Apparently, someone killed his/herself and Sharkeisha is to blame. She wrote, “HOW CAN U BE BLAMED IF SOMEONE KILLED THEIRSELF??????”

A series of tweets regarding the authorities soon followed. “Wtf the police knocking on my door and sh*t,” she wrote. “Calling my house 3 times in a row.”


The fighter’s full name could be “Sharkiesha Tyeshia Thompson,” after a screenshot of a girl with a similar name was tweeted Wednesday morning by @desusnice. It’s not apparent if the girl in the picture is unquestionably the one from the video, or what the girl in the mug shot was arrested for.

Some of @LilButtSHAR’s tweets have been posted below:

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