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Ed Bastian: How Flying The High Road Helped Delta Navigate Pandemic

In an amazing and exclusive Q and A with IBT’s Social Capital team, Delta Air Lines’ Ed Bastian gives an inside view of how doing business in the Social Capital way kept the company on course throughout the pandemic, arguably the most challenging year the travel industry has ever faced, and how it is helping them to not just persevere but to quickly rebound in amazing and inspiring ways. 

The New Revolution: Access

From Reddit’s retail stock raiders to companies making better water and healthy food a priority to leaders who believe their company’s greatest asset is to improve the lives of their employees, and of everyone in their communities, a powerful coalition is forming around an important but oft overlooked element of Social Capital.

Education Opens Doors To Success — This CEO Opens Doors To Education

We honored Rachel Romer Carlson in November as one of that month’s Top 10 Social Capital CEOs  for her commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty in many families by bringing the opportunity of education and upskilling to masses of workers throughout America. Her experiences with her own family opened her eyes to the critical role of education in achieving at least a middle-class level of economic security.

What Led Roger Hochschild To 'Discover' His Simple And Sincere Approach To Diversity?

In November we honored Roger C Hochschild as one of our Top 10 Social Capital CEOs for continuing and bolstering Discover’s commitment to its mission “To help people spend smarter, manage debt better, and save more so they achieve a brighter financial future.” But what was even more compelling were his incredible revelations how he empowers and respects the diversity of its employees with a revolutionary and organic approach that comes straight from the heart.

Selling Socks And Saving 'Soles'

David Heath created a capitalist solution to solving one of the most heartbreaking realities in America - hundreds of thousands of homeless cannot afford or find socks. He leveraged his entrepreneurial desire and spirit into fixing this problem by creating a superior sock that sold like hotcakes.

Social Capital: The Ultimate Gift To America 

There is no better time to share what we have learned through Social Capital than the holidays. Some of the most amazing, sincere and caring CEOs in America have contributed their awesome insights and unique thoughts in our new Social Capital section, and the experience was so invigorating and eye-opening for us that we decided to share some of our fondest and most moving highlights with you again in our year-end video.

The POLITICS of EMPOWERMENT in American Business

Social Capital CEOs who encourage their employees and their customers to think for themselves, to live better, be better and to rise up economically are not just making the world a better place, they are doing what the politicians could never do on their own.

Do You Care?

There have been a lot of challenging circumstances lately. World pandemic. Economic crisis. Culture crisis of racial injustice. People are struggling. Overwhelmed by the layers of anxiety.


Grateful - lamp -- Social Capital

Giving Thanks For Social Capital In Action

We thought we would take this moment to look back again on some really incredible Social Capital leaders whom we have brought attention to in our newsletter in particular for putting important Social Capital ideas into action in their companies and beyond.

WHAT is it? DO you have it? HOW do you earn it?

SOCIAL CAPITAL is the intangible asset at the heart of a new and dynamic view of “success.” It is changing business and the world as we know it, especially as we face one of the most difficult periods of adjustment the world has ever known. Now we at IBT are taking you on an exclusive journey to find it, define it, and to create a forum for those trail-blazing leaders who have it to tell you in their own words how they are transforming society.

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America’s Most Authentic CEOs Discuss How To Be Real

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