Racing video game fans love to be as immersed in their hobby as possible. Instead of using a standard game controller, there are a number of steering wheel controllers available (including the Logitech G923, which we here at International Business Times just recently awarded our Editors Choice badge).Those looking to go even further get a racing cockpit to mount their wheel and pedals on, which really pushes the immersion over the top.

Unfortunately, many of the higher end cockpits can become quite expensive. That's when Spectre Form was formed, who has created a customizable racing cockpit for a low price. The Spectre Carbon 2.0 comes with everything a racing fan could want, with a few extras that the more expensive options lack.

The Spectre Carbon 2.0 when fully assembled

Spectre Form is actually one of the rare positives that has been created from the Covid-19 pandemic. The company was founded by two brothers, Dave Sedacca and Tommy Donohue, who moved back home as the pandemic was beginning. What started as a personal project quickly grew into finding ways to offer their racing cockpit simulator to a wider audience. The cockpits are all made in Sedacca and Donohue's home state of New York, and are even packaged and shipped from their parents' basement.

Right now, Spectre Form's main offering is the Carbon 2.0. This cockpit features a high density foam cushion seat, a space to mount a steering wheel, a space to mount pedals, and the ability to adjust the whole cockpit for any person who is between 4 foot 10 inches tall and six feet five inches tall. The Carbon 2.0 comes flat-packed, similar to IKEA furniture, and takes roughly 45 minutes to assemble.

The Kid's version is pretty much identical, but smaller

What sets the Carbon 2.0 apart from the competition is that there are two side tables built onto the cockpit. This is ideal for adding a gear shifter controller, putting a keyboard for PC gamers or even just having some snacks nearby. For those concerned about space, the Carbon 2.0 can also be quickly disassembled or placed on its end to help reduce its overall footprint.

Alongside the Carbon 2.0, Spectre Form also has a Kid's sized cockpit available as well. This Kid's size is more or less the exact same design as the Carbon 2.0, but has been shrunk down for those who are between three and a half feet tall and five feet tall.

The Carbon 2.0 is available right now on Spectre Form's website for $250, while the Kid's size is available for $175.