Mysterio has been revealed as the final member of the Sinister Six in the latest “Spider-Man Unlimited” update, which is available now. The character has been a thorn in the side of Spider-Man many times, both in comic books and video games, so it’s somewhat fitting to see the master of illusion join the rest of the Sinister Six in this update.

The news was announced on the “Spider-Man Unlimited” Facebook page. In addition, Gameloft also had an exclusive Twitch TV reveal of a boss fight against the character, as well as a preview of the haunting environment where the players will have to take on the classic Marvel villain. As is the case with most of the bosses in the game, fans can expect multiple versions of Mysterio to fight.

Mysterio isn't coming alone, however, as the fan-made “Spider-Man Unlimited” wikia has confirmed the appearance of Demogoblin, who debuted in Marvel comics sometime in the 1990s. The character is mostly known for his involvement in the “Maximum Carnage” storyline, where the character joined Carnage and a group of villains in causing plenty of chaos in Manhattan but was defeated by a group of heroes led by Spider-Man and anti-hero Venom.

Spider-Man won’t be alone, either. A number of new allies have joined him in the fight to take down the Sinister Six. They includes Spider-Woman of the Marvel Mangaverse, Spider-Jameson, Devil-Spider and the Hobgoblin Peter Parker from the “Spider-Verse” storyline, among others. More characters will be revealed as the weeks go on and more weekly challenges are introduced.

This update also introduces a higher rarity character than the existing “Legendary,” called the “Titan” rarity. So far, the only characters confirmed in the “Titan” rarity class are Peter Hobgoblin and Scarlet Spider Felicity, both of whom will be available in this update.

Miles Morales fans will be happy to know that a weekly event focusing on the character is planned for the update, though fans will have to wait for a few weeks to see the true potential of Ultimate Spider-Man. The character plays a big role in the “Secret Wars” comic event that is being released by Marvel Comics and will be a part of a new Avengers group in September.

Fans can download the “Spider-Man Unlimited” update right now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for free. The Mysterio chapter will be available to those who have beaten the Doctor Octopus chapter, though fans can expect the character to appear in one of the upcoming weekly events.

Spider-Man Unlimited - Mysterio's Mayhem (Credit: YouTube/Gameloft)