The buzz for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has everyone back on the “Star Wars” bandwagon. In fact, “Episode VII” is likely to bring a whole new generation of fans to the space epic as well. With all the hype, holiday shoppers need to be ready with the best “Star Wars”-themed Christmas gifts to put under the tree this year.

Here are a few of the best Christmas gifts for fans as they wait for the new “Star Wars” movie to hits theaters on Dec. 18, 2015:

The Movies

For new fans of the franchise, or old fans wanting to relive the films with an enhanced visual experience, the perfect gift is all six of the released films on Blu-ray. The whole set is available on Amazon for $76.49.


The “Star Wars” LEGO universe is vast. The building block toys have everything from X-Wing Fighters to Star Destroyers and they make the perfect gift for younger kids just getting into the movies. The LEGO Millennium Falcon is available on the LEGO site for $9.99.


The weapon of a Jedi might be the perfect gift for a “Star Wars” fan. Toys “R” Us offers the toy version starting from $10.99, but adult fans with bigger budgets can go to UltraSabers where they sell more realistic LED lightsabers with sound effects starting at $334.99.


Amazon has an entire “Star Wars” store dedicated to merchandise and fan goodies like clothes, toys, and games from the cheap – a Darth Vader alarm clock for $23.99 – to the expensive – a realistic Stormtrooper costume for $768.99. Amazon also allows fans to search for autographed merchandise and collectibles separately.

The Clone Wars

From comics to books to games and shows, there are countless continuations of the “Star Wars” story that hardcore fans would love. We suggest starting with the Emmy-nominated animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” which takes place between “Episode II” and “Episode III.” The first five seasons, which aired on Cartoon Network, are available on Blu-ray on Amazon for $114.98.

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