Whatever the ocassion, swimnming will always be a fun activity for the whole family, which is why beaches and resorts are always filled with groups that are looking for an easy way to relax. However, with the pandemic ongoing, visiting both of the aforementioned places are a no-no for our safety. 

That doesn't mean however, that we can't have a bit of fun in our homes, which is why we've compiled some of the best swimming pool sets that you can enjoy with the rest of your family: 

1. Intex Round Prism Frame Pool Set
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 Want a pool set for your family  without spending an exorbitant amount for someone to dig in your backyard? If so, then Intex Round Prism Frame Pool Set is perfect for you. Measuring 15ft. by 42 inches, this round pool set features powder-coated steel frams and a durable 3-ply material build to make sure the summer fun never stops, regardless of whether you're relaxing alone or enjoying with the whole family. The set also includes a 10-120V Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump, a pool ladder, ground cloth and pool cover.

2. Intex Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set 
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For those that want all the fun that beaches and resorts can provide without leaving their homes, the Intex Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set is perfect for you. Boasting a powder-coated metal frame build with a puncture-resistant 3-ply material, this 16ft. x 8ft. x 42 in. is perfect for a medium-sized family that wants some fun under the sun. Best of all, this premium pool set comes with its own filter pump for easy set-up, as well as a removable ladder for maximum safety. Also includes ground cover for added comfort and debris cover to keep it clean all the time. 

3. Intex Metal Frame Pool Set 
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For those looking for a premium backyard pool set that have a bigger budget than usual, then the Intex Metal Frame Pool Set should serve you well. Measuring a whopping 18ft x 48in, this behemoth of a pool set features triple-strong and super laminated sidewalls to make sure the water stays in and the fun never stops, paired with dual suction outlet fittings that improve water circulation and an all-around band to hold the legs firmly in place. Unit also comes with a krystal clear cartridge filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover. 

4. Summer Waves Elite Premium Frame Swimming Pool 
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The Summer Waves Elite Premium Frame Swimming Pool Set is perfect for families that are currently looking for a way to liven up their backyard and have some summer fun. Made with sturdy material and puncture-free walls, this premium swimming pool set is built to last, guaranteeing that you'll have lots of water fun for months to come. Comes with a ladder, a filter pump system, and other deluxe pool accessories. 

5. Bestway 56680 Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set 
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For those looking for a good and high-quality swimming pool set without spending too much, consider getting the Bestway 56680 Steel Pro, which is an excellent choice. Featuring a corossion-resistant metal frame and lightweight PVC that's tear-resistant, this pool set is built to last day in and day out. It's also incredibly easy to assemble, and comes with a ladder, pool accessories, and chemconnect chemical dispenser to make sure your water is clean and pristine all the time.