Jacquie Berg was a contestant on 2008's "Survivor: Gabon." Survivor/CBS

Tyler Ramsey, the producer of “Survivor: Gabon,” recently revealed that he was fired from the competition show -- for falling in love. Ramsey opened up to Nylon magazine to explain how he met his future wife, Jacquie Berg, and subsequently got fired.

Berg was a contestant on the 2008 “Survivor” season, “Gabon,” when she met “the love of her life,” Ramsey. “[Jacqui] was a contestant, and I used to be a producer,” Ramsey explained of how their paths crossed. But how does one get fired for “falling in love"? According to the producer, it was because the show had only one rule: Don’t mess around with the contestants.

“So I got fired,” Ramsey told the magazine. “I’d never been fired before, so I thought, ‘If I’m going to get fired, I’m going to start an international incident!’ so I disappeared into the jungle. But after, like, two days, I had to come out for more alcohol.”

Berg was the fourth castaway to be eliminated from the show 12 days into “Gabon.” At the time of her stint on “Survivor,” Berg was a medical device sales representative, writer and charity organizer.

According to MSN, Ramsey is now an in-demand artist who in the past was commissioned by officials at the United Nations. He is currently working on a new video project with good friend and “Lone Ranger” star Armie Hammer. The project focuses on people cutting themselves in Africa.