Patricia Krentcil, the New Jersey mother who was accused of burning her five-year-old daughter Anna, after taking her to a tanning salon appeared in Superior court in Newark and pleaded not guilty.

Krentcil faces a second-degree child endangerment charge and on Wednesday entered a not guilty plea to the charges.

During her court appearance Krentcil did not speak, except to say Thank you, your honor, have a nice day, CBS New York reported.

My client is 150 percent innocent, Krentcil's attorney, John D. Caruso, told CBS News. That child was never in that tanning booth.

Earlier, the 44-year-old admitted to bringing Anna into the salon but she also said that she never allowed the fair-skinned girl into the tanning bed.

It didn't happen, CBS News reported quoting Krentcil. She's 6-years-old. Yes, she does go tanning with mommy but not in the booth.

But when a school nurse asked Anna how she got the burn, she simply replied I go tanning with mommy.

However, Krentcil, a mother of five, called the whole issue just a misunderstanding and said her daughter got the sunburn from playing in the yard.

Look at my daughter's picture, she's as pale as a ghost, she has red hair, Krentcil said outside court. I'm a great mother, I'm a wonderful mother. I would die right now for her.

The tanning mom who is furious about the allegations that she is a lousy mother calls her critics jealous, fat and ugly.

There's somebody out there for my whole life that doesn't like me because they are jealous, fat and they're ugly,' Krencil told a reporter on Thursday. 

I would never, ever put my daughter in a tanning booth, she told TMZ.  

Any mother who makes an accusation about me is not a mother because I'm a great mother - I would never do that to my child.

Meanwhile, Anna's pictures have emerged along with her brother and father Rich Krentcil at their Nutley home, New Jersey.

Rich, supporting his wife, told The Daily News that they're making her out to be a monster.

She just likes it. She's not a crazy maniac where she has to tan every day.

Krentcil admitted that she loves tanning and has visited tanning booths for several years but she also accepted that she would not do anything to put her five-year-old's health in danger.

Never in my life would I endanger my child by putting her in a tanning booth. I'm not dumb, Krentcil said before her court hearing. She also called herself a wonderful mother outside court.

Meanwhile, Krentcil was released on $2,500 cash bond and her daughter is still living with her. Her next court appearance is scheduled for June 4.