A former Pennsylvania elementary school teacher has been accused of having inappropriate contact with five female students.

James William Mentzer, 39, of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, was charged on Thursday with institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault, and corruption of minors after a four-month investigation.

"The investigation revealed Mentzer had inappropriate contact with five separate female students ages 8, 9, and three 11-year-olds beginning in August 2017 at the East Hanover Elementary School," Pennsylvania State Police said in a news release. 

Mentzer, who worked for the Lower Dauphin Area School District since 2003, was a third-grade teacher at East Hanover Elementary School at the time the alleged offenses occurred. He was placed on leave by the school district in February.

Authorities began investigating Mentzer in February when school officials notified police, suspecting inappropriate contact between Mentzer and five female students. With the complaints in mind, police concluded that Mentzer asked each student to leave class or recess and come to his classroom and record videos of them for a project not part of the school curriculum.

Mentzer reportedly used the school’s iPad and laptop to record the students while they read from a book, according to Fox 43. According to the report, Mentzer, with one student, "rubbed the victim's leg, from her knee to her groin area, ignoring her requests to stop." He also reportedly had several students perform a puppet show and attempted to hypnotize them using a necklace.

Two of the victims told their parents what was happening and contacted the school. 

According to police, Mentzer would take students from classrooms monitored by substitute teachers, and reportedly have the students repeat an "oath" and call Mentzer "Master" while pledging obedience to him, police said. 

The school district issued a statement on Thursday to parents regarding the case. 

Lower Dauphin School District placed East Hanover Elementary School teacher James Mentzer on administrative leave when allegations of misconduct were brought to the school’s attention. At the same time, the district immediately contacted appropriate legal authorities...

Mr. Mentzer remains on leave pending the outcome of legal proceedings against him. Should the outcome of those proceedings meet the standards contained within the School Code, or should Mr. Mentzer no longer possess the credentials of a professional educator, the District will take appropriate actions to address his employment with the District, up to and including termination as may be required by law.

Mentzer is scheduled to be arraigned before a judge on Thursday while police continue investigating the case.