Sometimes it’s hard for viewers to watch “Teen Mom 2,” already knowing all of the changes that have happened since the show was filmed, with Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert being the prime example.

The couple is now married and has had a baby, but in Monday night’s episode Messer breaks up with her fiancé to go back to Corey Simms, her ex-husband and father of her two girls.

Everyone must hope things have changed in Calvert’s and Messer’s relationship too, because in Monday night’s episode she essentially cheated him like dirt.

Fans of “Teen Mom 2” have been watching Messer go back and forth between Simms and Calvert all season, even though she got engaged, pregnant and then miscarried Calvert’s baby.

Most of the time she was just crying over Simms, even while pregnant and engaged. Understandably, there was only so much Calvert could take, and he gave his lover an ultimatum. She chose to go to counseling with Simms, forcing Calvert to move out of her home.

Many “Teen Mom 2” fans felt sorry for Calvert and took to Twitter to share their angst over the brief breakup:

One fan wrote, “Jeremy is the sweetest person ever and he just got screwed over majorly. STUPID CHOICE LEAH.”

“Why would Leah's dumb self hurt Jeremy like that. #TeenMom,” another fan asked.

@BrittaniIsch even shed some tears over the episode, writing:

“I feel so bad for Jeremy I started crying but I know it's not easy for Leah either.”

@NURSE_WGGNS was also frustrated with the episode:

“I love teen mom...but Leah is killing me, but I feel her to the core...smh.”

Messer herself weighed in on her MTV episode, writing on her Twitter account:

"At least I was honest! Honesty and communication has brought is where we are today! #BeautifulLove @Calvert505" 

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