The original “Teen Mom” girls are back! After almost three years of living their day-to-day lives off-camera, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood were reintroduced to MTV viewers with the premiere of “Teen Mom OG” Tuesday. Here is a recap of everything that went down on the premiere Season 5 episode titled "We're Back":


Five years after giving their daughter Carly away for adoption, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra discovered they were once again expecting a baby on Tuesday’s “Teen Mom OG” premiere. The couple shared that they were excited about second child's impending arrival and immediately began planning how to best prepare for the little one. Tyler said he would continue to receive his education while Catelynn would put hers on hold, allowing her to become a stay-at-home mom.

As for their wedding plans, Catelynn admitted she wouldn’t mind being a pregnant bride and was fine with a courthouse wedding. While Tyler disagreed with Catelynn, he promised that he would not back out of their wedding plans like he did the first time around. He even dished about his plans for their romantic honeymoon in Scotland. “It’s going to be perfect,” he said.

After Catelynn announced her pregnancy, her mom April revealed she was excited about the birth of her future grandchild. Tyler’s mom Kim had a different reaction. “Do you absolutely realize your life is going to change? The freedom, you’re not going to have the freedom anymore,” she said.

After Kim reminded her son that only six months ago he and Catelynn were on the fence about their relationship, Tyler shared his belief that marriage doesn’t necessarily mean a romance will succeed. “Marriage does not make good kids. Good people raise good kids so I don’t want to hear any of that,” he said.

While original “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham did not have her own segment on the premiere, she did make a cameo in the episode. After not seeing Farrah for two years, Catelynn reconnected with her former co-star during a VH1 “Couples Therapy” reunion taping. After calling Farrah a “whack job” prior to the taping and slamming her decision to star in a sex tape on the show, Catelynn later tried to raise her confidence during the reunion special. 

“You are an awesome mom. That little girl looks up to you for everything,” Catelynn said to Farrah when speaking to her about her daughter Sophia. “I just feel like you will feel better about yourself and the things that you do in life if you just go for what you always were passionate about.”


Amber was in the process of moving into a new home on the premiere. After serving over 17 months behind bars for drug posession charges, Amber admitted that she will always be an addict and is still in the process of learning to live sober. Despite not having custody of her daughter Leah, Amber picked her up to enjoy some mother-daughter time in the episode. During the exchange, Amber appeared to have a civil relationship with her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley.

Despite Gary starting a family with his girlfriend Kristina, Amber revealed that she wanted to continue to have a strong relationship with Leah's father. However, thing took a turn for the weird when Gary asked Amber if she could  “really say never” about their romance following her remark they will never get back together.

Following her successful face-to-face meeting with Gary, Amber hinted to her mom and cousin Krystal that she has been noticing glimpses of the “old Gary” during a spa outing. After her mom made it clear she did not like or “trust“ Gary, Amber went on the defense. “You don’t say somebody is evil. He is the father of my child,” Amber said. “We are done talking about everything or I will freak out.”

After the blow out, Amber admitted she was feeling urges to use drugs again and had a strong desire to see her daughter. After asking Gary to see Leah, he made it clear it was not a good time, citing his upcoming vacation with Kristina as the cause which upset Amber.

After calming down, Amber admitted to her producer that Gary is a “good guy” but that she was upset he moved on romantically while she was locked up, causing her to lose her family. “Honestly, it could have been me go to prison or I could have just died and never been there for Leah,” Amber said of her time spent behind bars. 


Maci was in the midst of finsihing her last year of college and working for a radio show on the premiere, but it wasn’t just her professional life that was shown on the up-and-up. After over a year of engaging in a long-distance relationship with her new boyfriend Taylor McKinney, Maci reaveled that he had recently relocated from Texas to be with her and her son Bentley. Bentley’s dad Ryan Edwards also showed off his new girlfriend, Shelby.

Similar to the other “Teen Mom” seasons, Maci revealed that she was continuing to struggle to deal with Ryan’s parenting style. After an attempt to plan sit down with Ryan was unsuccessful, Maci went to Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, for help. Ryan’s mom Jen advised Maci take baby steps with her son and start off by sharing her thoughts to Ryan via email. “If this doesn’t work, I’m done,” she told Taylor. “I just think Bentley deserves more.”

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.