“Teen Wolf” fans saw Lydia get her butt kicked this week, but it looks like she’ll be learning some fighting skills very soon. Show runner Jeff Davis teased that Lydia (Holland Roden) will start looking for defense lessons of both the human and supernatural kind.

In Season 5, episode 3, the banshee watched Kira (Arden Cho) embrace her Kitsune powers and fight Tracy (Kelsey Chow), who became a kanima. Lydia could only stand by and watch as Tracy hit her in the ribs. It looks like Lydia will be ready for a fight after her injury heals.

"What Lydia realizes this season is that she is not quite the fighter that her friends are and she gets tired of it," Davis teased to E! Online. "She wants to learn how to fight and how to protect herself and that leads her to a path where she wants to master her power and learn new powers as well. She's going to learn different skills from different sources."

The flash-forward at the beginning of the premiere showed Lydia using some serious fight skills and controlling new powers. So who will be teaching Lydia the ropes? It looks like her fighting lessons might come from Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley). The extended trailer for “Teen Wolf” Season 5 shows her getting sweaty with the officer. Showing the senior how to defend herself might be Parrish's way of repaying Lydia for helping him figure out what he is.

But who will help her with her banshee skills? Lydia hasn’t come into contact with many banshees on “Teen Wolf." The only banshee that seems to be around is Meredith (Maya Eshet). The banshee hasn’t been seen since last season, but she is presumably still in Eichen House. Could the girl behind the Benefactor help Lydia control her powers?

Roden hasn’t given audiences any clues about who is helping her, but she made it clear that she is perfectly fine with doing more stunt work. “I think it’s cool that Lydia’s got some ninja skills,” Roden said on “Wolf Watch.” “My stage combat skills from high school are coming in handy.”

“She was amazing,” Davis added. “[The writers] were standing by the monitors watching her, and we immediately looked at each other and said, ‘More fight scenes. More fight scenes for Holland.’”

“Teen Wolf” Season 5 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. Who do you think will help Lydia? Sound off in the comments section below!