A Brazilian teenager stabbed one of his classmates to death Wednesday because he wanted to experience killing someone, reported Brazilian police.

An unnamed 13-year-old male allegedly stabbed his classmate, Tamires Paula de Almeida, 14, while she waited for a lift in her apartment building Wednesday afternoon. Investigators said the incident occurred at around 1:00 p.m. He stabbed her 10 times and planned to kill two more female classmates. After killing Almeida, he turned himself over to Jardim America State College officials. A team was dispatched to the building to try and save Almeida’s life.

Both pupils lived in the Jardim America sector in Goiânia and attended the same school located in the neighborhood. The school was closed for the rest of the week to allow students to mourn and process the events. 

“He came to me and said he needed to speak to me privately. He was trembling, very red in the face and his hands were shaking,” Cezar Sabino, a teacher at the Jardim America State College, said to Brazilian news outlet G1. “He said to me: ‘Call the ambulance I’ve stabbed a person in my building.’”

“An Instagram post by the newspaper Jornal O Popular shows Almeida's classmates with linked hands outside the Jardim America State College. The caption reads, “Back to school after mourning for Tamires was marked by a collective hug of students and teachers, who circled around the building where the two teenagers involved in the tragedy studied.”



The boy told police he “liked the idea of killing” and wanted to “see how the rest of the class would react when they mourned [her] death.”

“One person went to the corridor and unknowingly asked for help in the apartment that belonged to the victim’s mother and it was a very traumatic occurrence,” Military Police Captain Leonidas Alves de Moraes Júnior said to G1.

Almeida's mother was in shock after seeing her daughter's dead body. According to Metropoles, the woman repeated, “I have seen my daughter's blood” several times. 

Delegate Paulo Ribeiro, from the State Investigation Office (DIH), said security footage did not show whether the boy left the building with the knife in his hand or not.

“The security cameras show him coming down from the elevator and leaving the building, but they did not report the crime,” Ribeiro told G1.

The suspect was detained and appeared at the Childhood and Youth Criminal Court Thursday.  Almeida was buried Thursday after her body was released by forensic investigators.

The age of criminal responsibility in Brazil was previously 18, but in 2015, a law was passed that lowered it to 16. The amendment to lower the age was approved one day after congress members rejected a similar amendment which would have held 16-year-olds accountable for rape, murder, drug trafficking, assault and battery and aggravated robbery. The approved version of the bill eliminated drug trafficking and aggravated robbery from the list of crimes with which 16-year-olds could be charged.

Bloody Knife Tamires Paula de Almeida was killed in Jardim America, a neighborhood in Goiânia. She was stabbed 10 times by a classmate who wanted to experience killing someone.