We probably spend an average of 15 stressful minutes per day looking for things we misplaced. Often, it is when we are just about to leave the house and we realize the keys that should have been on the table at the foyer are not there.

Despite fancy key chains and even hooks dedicated for them, keys are probably the most often misplaced things, together with cellphones and pens. But yes, there is a solution to this. Here are five of the best key finders for you.

1. Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Item Finder
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Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Item Finder allows you to find misplaced things within 200 ft. You simply attach the tile to your key ring and search for it in your app. What more, conversely, you can find your smartphone by making it ring through your Tile button even when you have set your phone silent.

2. Tile Inc. Pro Bluetooth Tracker and Finder
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Another from Tile Inc. is their Pro Bluetooth Tracker and Finder, which has a wider range -- Bluetooth range is up to 300 ft. It is just a bit bigger than the Mate, but it also makes a louder noise. Tile trackers are water resistant and are powered by replaceable batteries.

3. Esky RF Item Locator 
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Key Finder, Esky RF Item Locator does not require you to install an application. You simply attach a receiver to your key – or any object you usually misplace – and locate them with a transmitter. When you press a corresponding button for the receiver, it emits a beep allowing you to easily find it.

4. WOSPORTS RF Item Locator
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WOSPORTS Item Tracker basically functions in the same way -- you locate the receiver attached to your key by pressing its button on the transmitter. Additionally, its receivers have flashing red LED light to help you find your things even when it is dark. Its range is also 100ft in an open area, and 85ft when there are walls in between.

5. Simjar Wireless RF Item Locator
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Simjar's Wireless RF Item Locator has the same transmitter-receiver setup. This set, however, has eight receivers -- perfect if you are someone who misplaces a lot of things all the time. You can save on energy too as its replaceable battery lasts from nine months up to a year depending on usage