Twitter will make its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, and the company has been on a “roadshow” for the past week, pitching the value of the company to investors in private, invitation-only meetings in New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

Apparently, the roadshow has gone well. Twitter raised the price of its IPO on Monday morning to $23 to $25 dollars, up from $17 to $20, which it had announced in an Oct. 24 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the New York Times, Twitter also plans to close orders for shares on Tuesday, a day earlier than scheduled.

It seems clear that Twitter was able to create strong demand among investors for its IPO, but what did Twitter tell them? 

On Tuesday, a video was uploaded to YouTube that was described as the private presentation Twitter made during its IPO roadshow. The video appears to be legitimate, as it matches one posted earlier to

In case you don’t have 37 minutes to watch the entire presentation, in it, Twitter pitched itself as the place where users bring off-line events to the Web, where they can use it as an advertising platform that allows marketers to directly reach out to customers. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo also discussed how, as a medium, Twitter is perfectly suited for mobile devices.

Costolo walked through the metrics Twitter uses to measure success -- like ad revenue per timeline views, more than 230 million active users, and the fact that 76 percent of monthly active users access Twitter with a mobile device -- and he highlighted Twitter’s importance for driving and measuring audience engagement for entertainment media, especially TV. 

Costolo said that Twitter's growth strategy focuses on three areas: users, platform partners and advertisers. Chief financial officer Mike Gupta took over the presentation to discuss the business side of Twitter, how Twitter's three areas of growth are: its reach, its engagement and its monetization of advertisements on Twitter. Gupta ran through the products Twitter offers to advertisers, including promoted tweets, accounts and trends.  

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