Tyler, call Victoria.

That’s one message Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick gave at a news conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss the latest developments in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The governor was relaying a request from an injured Northeastern University student who suffered what he called “serious shrapnel wounds” to her legs during the attacks.

"She was scared, she was carried we think by a firefighter, to the medical tent and [was] really -- she described it -- hysterical," Patrick said, when an Army sergeant and veteran of the war in Afghanistan only known as “Tyler” comforted Victoria.

“His name is Tyler, that’s all we know,” the governor said.

Patrick said the soldier showed Victoria a scar from a shrapnel wound he suffered in Afgahnistan and said hers would eventually look  similar.

Victoria is being treated at Tufts Medical Center, according to the Boston Globe.

“Victoria very much wants to thank Tyler personally. … We would love to hear from Tyler so we can connect him to Victoria,” the governor said.

Patrick gave out the number to his office – 617-725-4000 – so Tyler can get in touch with Victoria.

Tufts Medical Center also made an appeal for Tyler to contact them.

“If there is a Sergeant Tyler out there, please call Tufts Medical Center Public Affairs, and [Victoria] would very much like to thank him personally,” hospital spokeswoman Brooke Tyson Hynes told the Globe. “That’s an important part of her recovery, as much as her medical recovery right now.”

The number for Tufts public affairs is 617-636-0200.