• A thread discussing the paychecks of "America's Next Top Model" contestants erupted on Twitter
  • The show allegedly pays contestants only $40 a day
  • Tyra Banks has yet to comment on the issue

A former contestant of “America’s Next Top Model” is accusing Tyra Banks and the show of paying contestants only $40 a day. Sarah Hartshorne, who competed on the show during season 9 in 2007, revealed her meager pay in a Twitter thread discussing the models’ paychecks on Monday.

The controversial tweet erupted on the social media platform after a Twitter user started a discussion of how little the “ANTM” contestants are actually making from the show. “The fact that girls on ANTM were getting paid $40 an episode and Tyra and them judges were making BANK, is kinda sick,” wrote the user.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hartshorne responded to the tweet, writing, “$40 an episode, no residuals, and we had to pay for food.”

The now-viral tweet was quick to earn negative reactions from Twitter users, with most pointing out how unfair Banks and the show have been to their models. “Tyra Banks was sending them girls home with their hair cut off on #antm and only making $40 an episode??” one user commented.

“Y’all so Tyra Banks was really only paying those girls $40/day. That’s worse than minimum wage!” another person tweeted. “I mean the chance at winning and exposure is there but d**n, cover food at least lol them folks were getting a per diem lol,” commented another user.

This is not the first time shows like “ANTM” have been under fire for allegedly underpaying their talents. Back in July, Elena Davies, who competed on “Big Brother” season 19 in 2017, revealed she got paid only “a stipend per week” during her appearance on the show.

This is also not the first time Banks was criticized for “ANTM.” Last May, fans of the competition called her out for her rude comments on contestants’ appearance.

Winners on “ANTM” usually receive modeling contracts, beauty deals, and a fashion spread on top of other prizes. In 2018, Kyla Coleman inked a contract with Next Model Management, earned a fashion spread in a popular magazine, and won a cash prize of $100,000 after emerging as the winner of the 24th season of the competition.

Tyra Banks Model Tyra Banks participates in a panel for "The New Celebrity Apprentice" in Universal City, California, Dec. 9, 2016. Photo: Reuters