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The Ultenic U11 is easy to set up and easy to use
The Ultenic U11 is easy to set up and easy to use IBTimes/Bob Fekete

Who Is The Ultenic U11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For?

  • The Ultenic U11 cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight and incredibly easy to use
  • The U11 vacuum comes with a number of accessories, including a stand to hold everything
  • The U11's battery lasts long enough to clean a whole house and recharges quickly

Cleaning the house is one of those things everyone has to do, but nobody wants to do it. While the Ultenic U11 cordless vacuum cleaner isn't going to magically make messes disappear, it does at least make cleaning up an easy process thanks to how simple it is to use the vacuum. The fact that the U11 has its own charging stand means cleaning up a mess has never been quicker either.

Easy Setup

The Ultenic U11 cordless vacuum cleaner has some optional construction to really get the most of the device. There is an included stand that not only holds the U11, it also has space for all of the included accessories for the vacuum cleaner and can be used to charge the vacuum cleaner as well. The stand only requires putting a few tubes into their proper slots, so it took me only a couple of minutes to finish.


That said, the stand is totally optional. If there isn't enough space, or someone wants to keep the U11 stored away somewhere, the stand isn't required. In fact, the U11 can be charged directly without the need for the charger built into the stand. This doesn't keep the U11 constantly charged like the stand does, but does help with keeping the U11 out of sight.

Easy To Use

Vacuum cleaners aren't exactly the most complicated machines to operate. Generally, you press the "On" button and start cleaning up. That experience is the same with the Ultenic U11, though the "On" button has been converted into a trigger.


However, unlike other vacuum cleaners, the U11 does have a few extra tricks. The first is that the U11 has three different modes: normal, economy and power mode. This just dictates battery power more than anything. The power mode does have a stronger suction but tends to use up the battery life faster, while the economy mode is the opposite. That said, even in the power mode, I haven't run out of battery life while cleaning. Sure, I have a somewhat small apartment, but being able to drop the U11 into its stand does help with battery life as well.


The Ultenic U11 also comes packed with four different attachments. The first is the basic vacuum cleaner head, which offers a surprising range of motion. This attachment also has a spinning brush on it to help pick up dirt and hair, and has lights built into the front to highlight dirt on the floor or illuminate dark areas under tables and in corners.


The other U11 accessories are a bit more basic, like the crevice attachment that makes cleaning out corners or hard to reach areas easier and the scrub brush that is ideal for cleaning out a car. The final attachment is more or less a smaller version of the basic vacuum cleaner head, but designed for handheld mode.


Wait, hold up. What's handheld mode? The Ultenic U11 doesn't need the long pole that connects the handle to the vacuum head. Instead, the attachments can be applied directly to the U11's main body. This makes the U11 not only a solid vacuum cleaner, but also a decent dustbuster, or other handheld vacuum cleaner, replacement.


Compared to more traditional vacuum cleaners I have used in the past, the U11 cordless vacuum cleaner is actually on the quieter side. That's not to say the U11 is quiet. The U11 is definitely something that people can tell is being used, but that comes with the territory. There is a reason why vacuum cleaners are villains to dogs the world over, after all.

The only issue I have with using the U11, which I admit is very minor, is that there is a weird delay from pulling the trigger to turn on the vacuum and when the vacuum actually starts running. When using a basic attachment like the crevice add-on, this delay is about one second. However, using the vacuum head takes a little longer to power up, which results in about a two second delay. Like I said, this is a very minor issue, but it's certainly noticeable.

A Little Less Easy Cleanup

The Ultenic U11 vacuum cleaner has a clear chamber right next to the handle that all the dirt, hair and other gunk is stored in. It's actually kind of cool to be able to look inside at all the debris that has been picked up and it's weirdly satisfying to feel that small thud when a larger piece of debris is sucked up into the chamber. While taking the chamber off of the vacuum isn't difficult, it gets a little tricky actually emptying it.


Opening up the bottom of the chamber is easy, as it is only held on by a simple lock. But be warned, as soon as the chamber is open, debris starts flying. Make sure this is opened over a garbage can for best results. Also, while the more solid debris does just come falling out, hair tends to get stuck higher up in the chamber. It isn't easy pulling the hair out, either, and the first time I tried it resulted in the whole thing falling apart in my hands. Thankfully the chamber isn't difficult to put back together, but it was annoying to say the least.

Final Thoughts


In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Ultenic U11 cordless vacuum cleaner is generally very easy. It's easy to set up, easy to use and stumbles a bit on the cleaning up part, but even that isn't too difficult. The vacuum is lightweight, making it simple for anyone to use in a number of different configurations.

The U11 is available on Amazon right now, and those who act quickly can take advantage of a coupon that takes $60 off the price. This drops the U11 from around $240 to only $180.


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